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Interviews (EBM, Electro, Electronica) Interview - System:FX

Interview: System: FX

Interviewer – Joanna Townsend Holmes

Date: 8-16-11

SFX Promo_2011

So guys, who are System:FX and what are you all about?

S:FX (Debs): we are Steve, Debs and Rik*, and we’re just trying to do our own thing.

We’re about live music and loud music and having a fucking good time!

S:FX (Steve): As above. No real agenda. No mission statement just a good floor stomping industrial racket!

You're well known on the UK gig scene, what has been your favourite experience so far?

S:FX (Debs): For me, probably our headline show at the Dark 7 festival in London. It was just one of those gigs where everything went right and the audience was 100% with us; it was awesome! We even had some hardcore fans waving their New Rocks at us in the crowd, crazy!

S:FX (Steve): Headlining the Dark 7 festival, Opening for Combichrist at KoKo. Touring with Leaether Strip and Grendel... Each one has it's merits

If you could pick your ultimate festival dream team line-up who would you pick?

S:FX (Debs): Hmmm, too many to choose from… Nitzer Ebb, The Prodigy, Rotersand, Feindflug, Autodafeh and of course, us!

S:FX (Steve): Same as above with the addition of Senser. What can I say, my wife has excellent taste!

'Overdrive' EP came out on the 4th of July, how have you found fan reaction so far?

S:FX (Debs): Very favourable. I think we’ve surprised a lot of people with the change in style from our last EP, all for the good.

S:FX (Steve): Mainly it seems to be "WTF has happened to System:FX" We're nothing like the 1st EP now. Which is good!

Who are your musical influences, and if you could meet only one who would it be and why?

S:FX (Debs): Nine Inch Nails and Nitzer Ebb. It would have to be Trent Reznor, as he had such a profound impact on my musical taste, from the first time I heard Pretty Hate Machine.

S:FX (Steve): Hmmm tough one. I'd don't think I've ever thought I want to sound like xxx. And any influence is purely accidental. But I'd like to meet Trent as well.

Debs, how does it feel being a female drummer in a very male dominated section of EBM have you encountered any negativity?

S:FX (Debs): Quite the opposite to be honest. Female fans seem to like seeing an aggressive woman hammering the shit out of a drumkit, and the guys don’t seem to mind either!

What can you tell us about the planned full length album, can we expect any collaborations?

S:FX (Debs): Probably not, we’ve had several fantastic remixes on both EPs, I think it’s time to prove we can come up with a full album of songs on our own!

S:FX (Steve): Well maybe some guest vocals might be interesting.

Which has been your favourite song to play live and why?

S:FX (Debs): “You Like It” is always a fun song to play… it’s very tongue in cheek, but it’s always cool to get everyone shouting ‘fuck’ along with us!

S:FX (Steve): We are the Broken, Stay in your Homes and Fire (let it burn) being my faves. But that changes as soon as I write a new song.

Steve, how have you found the progression from grindcore band 'Axegrinder' in the 1980's to EBM and industrial? Do you think musical tastes have changed to favour EBM?

S:FX (Steve): I don't think I've changed my tastes much. Just that EBM/Indsutrial has more of a scope for song writing for me. I grew bored with Grindcore... ten years of playing the same stuff. I always loved industrial but the hardware/software was again too pricey in the 90's. But as the tech got better and cheaper. I threw myself in at the deep end and started writing and learning production.

As a band how do you think you have progressed from your first release 'Virus'? Would you have done anything differently?

S:FX (Debs):

S:FX (Steve): Now we've added guitars, that changed how I write for the band. I approach songs differently sonically. And that has made us a hell of a lot more heavier! Would I have done anything better on the last EP? Yes better production.

Take a listen to "Virus"

System:FX- Virus

You get approached to do remixes quite a lot, who would you like to remix?

S:FX (Debs): Nitzer Ebb, Die Krupps or KMFDM

S:FX (Steve): Killing Joke, Prodigy and Ayria

The zombie apocalypse question, 3 items only; what would you take with you?

S:FX (Debs): Sledgehammer, chainsaw and iPhone (sounds like the contents of my handbag!)

S:FX (Steve): Shotgun, Heavily modified Landrover Defender and kevlar armour

As a band describe yourselves in 4 words.

S:FX (Debs): aggressive, energetic, dynamic, fun!

S:FX (Steve): Chaos, Destruction, Disorder, Anarchy

Anyone in the bad have any bad habits, if so what are they?

S:FX (Debs): As a married couple as well as bandmates, I couldn’t possibly say!

S:FX (Steve): I'm a hard task master and I can't stand people not pulling their weight at shows.

Finally the dinner party question, any person from history alive or dead. Who and why?

S:FX (Debs): Ross Noble. I think he’d be a hilarious dinner guest!

S:FX (Steve): Armin Meiwes. Though I don't know what we'd have for dinner :-)

*Rik wasn’t available for the interview


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