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Interviews Alternative, Indie Rock Interview - Adam Ant - Return Of The Legend

Get to Know: Adam Ant

Interviewer: Phill Bruce

Interview Date – 5th October 2011

Adam Ant

What was the first LP you ever owned?  Mine was Adam and the Ants Prince Charming album.  At the age of four I was dancing round the living room doing the dance to the song Prince Charming.  I have moved on in the years but my music taste has remained similar.  Adam Ant is a modern legend of music.  He has helped define the way that music went in the eighties, if you ask anyone who they remember from the eighties people will always say Adam and the Ants.  I got chance to interview Adam and this is how it went.

GC – Thanks so much for giving Grave Concerns Ezine this interview Adam, how are you?

Adam Ant – Feeling good.  And feeling good is good enough.

GC– In the days of Bazooka Joe did you ever have the feeling that you would one day make it so big?

Adam Ant – Either as a designer musician, I work hard and keep my powder dry.

GC – You have probably been asked this a lot but for our worldwide readers, how did you create your stage name of Adam Ant?

Adam Ant – Adam, first man, muscles, likes girls and ants.  Will survive a nuclear blast.

GC– What were your musical influences in the early days of the Ants and have they changed over the years?

Adam Ant – Everything from glam (T Rex, Roxy, Lou Reed), to Blues – Rory Gallagher, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGee, James Brown.

GC – What do you feel is the secret to your success of your music career spanning the many years you have been on the music scene?

Adam Ant – Hard work and not taking ‘no’ for an answer.

GC– How do you feel that your iconic look influenced so many bands and members of the general public and that shaped the fashion of the eighties?

Adam Ant – Rather a lot, though it’s not for me to say.  But I am and never was a ‘New Romantic’ ponce.

GC - What was the premise behind creation and evolution of your image?

Adam Ant – Look as good as you sound.  And don’t look or sound like anyone else.

GC– The award winning children’s show Horrible Histories recently recreated your song Stand And Deliver to teach kids about Dick Turpin, what do you feel about your material being used in weird and wonderful ways?

Adam Ant – Very proud indeed

GC – Your music was described as part of the new romantic movement in the eighties how would you describe your early music?

Adam Ant – Not New Romantic.  I am, was and still am a ‘Punk Rocker’.

GC – At what point in being in the Ants do you feel was the pinnacle moment?

Adam Ant – Royal Variety Show in 1981.  After that it all went tits up after that, due to exhaustion and financial sod all by our label.

GC– Was there any song from the Ants that you thought would have been better received?

Adam Ant – All of my solo material.

GC– Whilst touring solo in the eighties part of the stage show was you recreating  the famous Harry Houdini stunt the Chinese Water Torture Cell escapology, what gave you the idea to add this to the stage show and how hard was it?

Adam Ant – It was perfect but some twat from the beeb banned ‘Strip’ telling me I had forgotten who my audience was.  So I took it to the USA and hammered it there.

GC– In your opinion what is the greatest thing you have ever witnessed on stage by another artist?

Adam Ant – Sinatra telling the first three rows of old shit heads they had no class talking all the way through Sammy Davis Junior’s show.

GC – In the latter part of the eighties you turned your talents to acting, working along sides such greats as Edward Woodward in The Equalizer.  What is your greatest memory of that part of your life?

Adam Ant – Hanging out with Harry Dean Stanton, Jack Nicolson and walking with Steven Spielberg and John Frankenheimer (The Bird Man of Alcatraz, The Manchurian Candidate).

GC– You went on to produce Be Bop a Lula, how did you come about doing this and did this influence your music in anyway producing a musical about Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran?

Adam Ant – Always it was homage to Vincent & Cochran and all the rock and roll pioneers.  Also co-produced by Doors drummer John Densmore.

GC– Have you ever had any of your music band?

Adam Ant – Yes ‘Strip’ in the UK (As mentioned earlier) & in the southern USA for being a threat to the morals of the Women of America.

GC – You worked with Grace Jones on a Honda commercial, what was it like doing this advert especially because you didn’t at that point hold a driving license?

Adam Ant – I story boarded the video, got well paid and Grace was and still is a legend.  Gave the scooter to my dad and got a very rare gold watch.

GC – In 2008 you won the Q Music Icon Award, how did it feel to receive this award?

Adam Ant – OK.  Would have been nice to have gotten something for the song writing and the performance though.

GC – Have you ever received any other notable awards over your career?

Adam Ant – Many, not for me to say.  Though ‘Sexiest Man in America’ was good.  Oh and ‘The Best Dressed Man’ in NME in 1979.

GC– This year sees your comeback touring as Adam Ant & The Good The Mad & The Lovely Posse which has been described as a new dawn for Prince Charming amongst other amazing reviews.  What is it like to be truly back doing what you do best?

Adam Ant – It is what I do best.  It’s like sex, hot, sweaty, dangerous and up close.

GC– Out of all the press you have received which has been the best and what has been the funniest?

Adam Ant – Paul Morley’s review of ‘Dirk’ – ‘Beasts that lurk in the corner of your pysche’ for NME.  A year later he was kissing my arse on the cover of the same mag.

GC– Ok now for a little fun, if you hadn’t made it as Adam Ant what career do you think you would have followed?

Adam Ant – Crime, sport, graphic design or gardening.

GC– If you could be any comic or cartoon character, who would you be?

Adam Ant – Captain Caveman

GC– If you could describe yourself as a cocktail what would it be called and what would it’s ingredients be?

Adam Ant – A very bloody mary with a shot of Navy Rum. A Blood-Clot-Shot

GC – If there was to be a film made about your life which actor would you have playing you?

Adam Ant – Tom Hardy or James Franco

GC – Is there any band about at the moment that catches your ear and what is it about them you like?

Adam Ant – Yes and they are all on my Blue Black Hussar Label

  1. Georgie Girl and her Poussez Posse
  2. Twinkle Twinkle
  3. Dressing For Pleasure


GC– Thank you so much Adam for giving Grave Concerns this interview, is there anything you would like to add?

Adam Ant – Come out fighting and let them know they are in trouble

Thank you so much again and good luck with this year’s tour, looking forward to seeing you at Manchester.

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Adam Ant- Goody Two Shoes


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