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Interviews Alternative, Indie Rock Interview- Avenpitch

Band: [Avenpitch]
Interviewer: [Marcos M.]
Date: [9-03]

Avenpitch- "Hacienda Thosquanta Remix

1) What's new?

TODD: Quite a bit actually... The disc was released in June and we've been promoting for the past few months. We recently finished off a cover of New Order's "Face Up" for a New Order tribute album and a version of The The's "This Is The Day" for a Nothing Records tribute album. In our free moments we've also done a few remixes for some other bands including M-Halo and Flood Damage. All of this, of course, is on top of our regular schedule of playing live and pursuing electropunk bliss.

PAUL: We've got the live show together and are out playing in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. We're hoping to start playing some other cities throughout the Midwest this fall or winter. We will also start writing some new tunes.

2) Any upcoming shows?

PAUL: We have a couple shows booked right now. You can always find most up to date info on our website:

DARREN: There's nothing more gratifying than playing a live show. Unfortunately, none of us make enough money out of this to be doing it fulltime so we book shows like twice a month.

3) How's your debut CD been doing?

TODD: Very well. Considering we're a new band, it's even better than I expected. It seems to be catching on in pockets all over the country. Ya know one person buys the disc, then their friend picks it up and so on. It sorta spreads like a fungus. A few radio stations around the Midwest have been picking up on it too, so word is getting out. It's a good feeling.

PAUL: We just recently started promoting it, but we have been getting positive feedback from many people. KFAI in Minneapolis has been playing the disc and we hope to get some airtime on Radio K (KUOM) soon. We have been selling the disc to people all across the country through our website.

DAVID: Doin' OK last I checked. You know, first child leaving the nest and all, you tend to be overprotective but I think he's coming into his own.

DARREN: Flying off the shelves one by one!

4) What kind of crowds do you draw out at your shows?

TODD: Pretty mixed. It's a potluck of people. Lots of people who normally wouldn't hang out together.

PAUL: Most recently we had a packed house at a show in Minneapolis. Our music encompasses many genres and therefore we tend to get a wide mix of people. Punks, Metal heads, Goths, Indie-poppers and New Wavers to name a few.

DAVID: Waifs and strays, lost souls and, of course, the "elect".

5) How did you discover or learn about Omega Point Records?

TODD: Emil Hyde, the dude in charge over at Omega Point, was a big supporter of (my old band) the Fleshpeddlers. We've been in contact over the past couple years and he asked me if I would be interested in releasing Avenpitch's debut disc on Omega Point Records. It's a great situation and we're very happy to be a part of the label.

DAVID: A communal dream, we woke up and knew who to contact and what to say. These things are hard to talk about, you know... The therapy bill is astronomical.

6) What types of groups are you guys into?

TODD: I'm a huge fan of the 80s alternative stuff: New Order, The Cure, Depeche Mode, The The, R.E.M. --- that sorta thing. I also dig 70s stuff like Springsteen, Bowie, Kraftwerk. Some of my more contemporary favorites include Smashing Pumpkins, Prick, NIN --- I guess they're not really the most contemporary, but they're modern in comparison to the majority of stuff I listen too. Really, it seems to vary from week to week. I kinda go through phases where I listen to nothing but one band over and over for a week or two.

DAVID: I like lots of groups. These days lots of Throbbing Gristle, Animal Collective, Rapoon with a smidge of the minimalist composers on the side (Reich, Riley, Glass and Monk).

PAUL: We all have very different music backgrounds - I think that is one of things that makes our music work so wonderfully. We all like a variety of music but have our own oddities - Todd likes great songwriters. David is into experimental synth music and listens to old-school industrial. I like new-school punk bands like Fugazi and Burning Airlines. Darren still breaks out metal albums...

DARREN: U2, Guns N Roses, Jane's Addiction, Alice In Chains, & Metallica.

7) In your area, are you a local favorite band?

PAUL: I wouldn't go that far - but we've only been at it for a few months now and are still getting off the ground. Give us a little time and I hope we will have a confident "yes" for your question.

DARREN: Just trying to make a dent at this point.

8) Who's who in the band & who does what?

TODD: My name is Todd Millenacker. I'm the guy with the long hair in all the pictures. I sing, play guitar, and do the programming. David Miller is the keyboard wizard. Darren Siaw plays guitar and Paul Hudalla pounds on the drums.

PAUL: David has been elected to be the guy who says clever things when we need to fix a broken string or cue backing tracks when we play live. We all are active in promoting the band.

DAVID: My name is David. I play live keyboards and dance like an electro-shock monkey in heat. My other project is called Fadladder and I do that one with my wife. Experimental electronics and soundscapes (free plug free plug)!

DARREN: I'm the Chinese dude in the band. I play the guitar.

9) What does your next record hold in store?

TODD: It's probably gonna be a little more "live" than the debut. The live band is really come into it's own so I'm hoping to incorporate more of us playing live over the electronics, noises, and sequencers in the future. But we'll see...

PAUL: Some top secret surprises that even we don't know about yet.

DAVID: Perhaps country folk... Dunno, still learning all the songs for the first one yet.

DARREN: Hopefully the next record is gonna be bigger in a sense that we can expand our sound a little more.

10) Anything else?

TODD: Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to check us out, download a tune, or buy an album. We really do appreciate it! Avenpitch on the web @


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