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Interviews Electro Rock Interview - Psideralica

Psideralica Interview

Interviewer – Phill Bruce

Interview Date – 28th August 2011

The alternative scene is making somewhat of a comeback worldwide.  Europe has been leading the way and some of our talented bands being at the forefront in the lime light.  One such talented band is Psideralica.  I got chance to catch up with them and here’s how it went.


Phill – Thank you so much for giving Grave Concerns Ezine this interview.  First please can you tell us a little bit of a background about yourself and where in this beautiful world you are from?

Psideralica - We´re industrial rock band from Majorca, Spain. Although the members of Psideralica are originally around different parts of Spain. Everyone of us have different kind of backgrounds and careers - musicians, technical personnel, lawyers, bankers. But the common element and passion above all, for all of the members of Psideralica is music that ties us together.

Phill – You all sound like very talented and academical people, how did all four of you meet and what brought you together?

Psideralica - The live sound of Psideralica is made of a combination of wild instinct guitars by Kernel, sentimental voice of Lady Marian, LS´well trained technique in keyboards and years of experience of Haritz in drums. Slowly and by chance our paths crossed and here we are.

Phill – There have been some talented alternative bands in Spain and I have interviewed a few.  Most of them say getting their music out there can sometimes be hard.  Have you come up against any issues getting your music out there to the wider alternative scene?

Psideralica - Indeed, in Spain it´s very hard for the alternative bands: Spanish people prefer to listen to the bands from other countries, so for local bands to be more successful, you must first be successful outside of your own country.

For Psideralica it´s even harder because our band is based in an island so we have to climb like a few more extra steps. Anyway, we do have more success among the public in the UK than in Spanish one.

Phill – What is the inspiration and meaning behind your name Psideralica?

Psideralica - We wanted to have a unique name, a word that didn´t exist. We chose the name ”Psideralica” among several options because we liked the way it sounded. We also liked the idea that the name could give a feeling of cyber rockers and aggressiveness.

Phill – At what point in your life did you decide to form your band and why?

Psideralica – My musical experience began in 1993, and after years playing in several bands (Lex Luthor, Loiselane), in 2003 I founded PSIDERALICA to develop my own project  which combines metal guitars, electronic sequences and feminine voices.

Phill – Were your early bands linked in anyway as they are both named after Superman characters?

Psideralica –  Yes they were. One of my first bands in Majorca was called LEX LUTHOR, and when we changed the vocalist from male to female voice, we changed the name too, so we  started to call the band the name of LOISELANE because we were the same members but with female vocalist.


Phill – What gave you the idea of combining the guitars, electronic sequences and female vocals?

Psideralica – My idea was to continue with the concept that I had in my old band Loiselane,  but with  more metal and electronic sound.

Phill – What is it about female vocals you like?

Psideralica - At the beginning, like many other bands, I was searching for an aggressive voice that would fit to our sound. But after finding Lady Marian I started to prefer sensual, melodic and subtle vocals to contrast our powerful and massive sounds. She fits perfectly to our sound.

Phill – Who besides yourself is in the band and what background are they from?

Psideralica – From 2003 several members of the band have changed. At present the band is formed by Lady Marian (singer and my wife), Toni KERNEL (guitar), LS (keyboards) and Haritz (drums). As I said, during the years I´ve had several bands and through those developed my style but I´ve always been faithful for the metal guitars.

Lady Marian had never sung in any band until in 2007, when she joined PSIDERALICA to sing with me. In the beginning it was  meant  to be on a temporary replacement, but finally she fitted perfectly into the concept of the band, and now she is irreplaceable.

Haritz has years of experience in other bands of different styles, and finally joined LS,  so he is perfectly able to adapt to any style needed.

Phill – Is it easy to maintain a working relationship with your wife being in the band?

Psideralica – It may seem difficult, but our relationship is bomb proof (hahahahahahaha). Now everything is easier for me, I compose the songs at home with Lady Marian, we have the same ideas for the band, we go together to the rehearsals, shows, travels, etc., etc., etc… she is even better singer that I could ever dream about to have in my band!  ;-)

Phill – How has the music of Psideralica evolved since you first started?

Psideralica – There are not huge differences in music, but now that the band is more electronic along the keyboard player (LS), we don’t have bass player in our live shows, and I am composing new songs with no drums. Of course my guitars are the most essential parts! (hahaha), and the vocals of Lady Marian are more sensual as I said before.

Phill – What are your musical influences?

Psideralica – Our influences are from Nine Inch Nails up to Madonna, without forgetting Rammstein, Metallica, Prodigy, Celldweller, White Zombie...

Phill – Who would you say is the biggest musical influence on the music of Psideralica?

Psideralica - Theres isn´t any particular influence. I think that the music of Psideralica is a cocktail of many influences and feelings.

Phill – The eighties early electronic bands have been an influence to a lot of bands, was there an electronic band in the eighties that may not be an influence to your music but one that caught your ear while you were young?

Psideralica – When I was young I have to confess that I didn’t listen to a lot of musica I didn’t know electronic bands, and I begun to listen only to rock and metal bands. But there are big electronic bands like Depeche Mode that have influenced other bands that I listen to now.

Phill – Where do you see your band in five years and what are your hopes for the future?

Psideralica – Where do I see the band in five years? Or where would I like to see the band in five years? Hahahaha, it’s not the same!!!

Obviously I would like, that the band could reach as high as possible, to have performances around the world and to influence as many people as possible. But to be successfull, apart from a lot of effort, time and dedication, we need luck and support.

We try to keep doing the right things and wait for our chance.

Phill – Have you any plans for a new album or an up and coming tour?

Psideralica –  We are planning a new album or EP with some new songs, covers and rare versions and remixes of songs of Psideralica. We are also planning some shows in UK, Germany and Spain. 

Phill – All the gigs you have played with Psideralica, have you ever been on the same bill as any really big bands and if so what was the experience like?

Psideralica – We have played with many really good bands in Spain and UK, but at the moment with no “really big bands”, if “big band” means “a very famous band”. I think there are many “famous” and “business” bands and artists that aren’t “big” for me.


Phill – Is there any place or venue you would like to play at and why?

Psideralica – At the moment we have only played in Spain and UK, and it would be fantastic to play in USA, Japan or Germany. We hope to be there soon!

Phill – What is it about the USA, Germany and especially Japan that draws you to want to play there?

Psideralica – I really think that our music fits in USA and Germany scenes, and Japan is ready for everything!

Phill – Japan has been growing as an up and coming place for the alternative scene, how do you view the current scene in Japan?

Psideralica – Japan is the perfect combination of tradition and future, and they are absorbing music from other countries. Sometimes there are more opportunities there than in your own country.

Phill – Without giving too much away is there any instrument or program you wouldn’t be without and why?

Psideralica – I have always used the program PRO SONAR to compose my songs and my Gibson Les Paul with DiMarzio ToneZone for the metal sound I want. Moreover, in the arsenal of LS there are always Korg synths.

Phill – What is it about that Les Paul that you think has made such an iconic guitar?

Psideralica – Sound, look, comfort, charisma… for me is THE GUITAR for rocking! You can play electric guitar, or you can play Gibson Les Paul on the knees… it’s not the same!

Phill – What ratio to music of synthetic sounds and true musical talent that you truly have would you say you have in Psideralica?

Psideralica – 50% true musical talent, and 50% true musical talent to use the right synthetic sounds. ;-)

Phill – OK time for some fun.  What is the funniest remark you have heard about your music or the band in general?

Psideralica – Funniest? Well, maybe it was funny for us to read from a well-known Spanish magazine, a review of our single “My Toy”, that said that it sounds like PANTERA… and for us it is the most commercial one of the album.

Phill – Do you like South Park?  If so who is your favourite South Park character and for what reason?

Psideralica – I prefer “American Dad” or “Family Guy”.

Phill – If you were to make a desert that would summarise everything about Psideralica, what would be the ingredients and why?

Psideralica – Phew, I am afraid that I am very bad chef and confectioner! Maybe “brownie” (with dense chocolate like the music and guitars of Psideralica) with vanilla ice cream (the fresh and soft voice of Lady Marian).

Phill – You can have a dinner party and invite any five people from past and present or any fictitious character, who would you choose to invite?

Psideralica –  I would invite “Terminator”, “Neo” (from Matrix), “Wolverine”, “Blade” and “Fox” (Angelina Jolie in “Wanted”) … I’m afraid that, it wouldn´t be a very  quiet party, hahahaha!!

Phill – Who is your favourite comedian and what is it about them that makes you laugh?

Psideralica – They are not comedians, but I like so much the comedian movies of Jack Nicholson or Robert De Niro.

Phill – Thank you so much for giving Grave Concerns Ezine this interview, is there anything you would like to add?

Psideralica – Thank you very much, and it has been a pleasure to be interviewed by Grave Concerns Ezine, and we hope to see you on stage soon!

Thanks again for the interview and good luck for the future.

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