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Interviews Electro Rock Interview- Shiny Toy Guns


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Shiny Toy Guns is an electro-rock band that formed in 2002 in Los Angeles, California. Shiny Toy Guns broke out with their 2006 album, “We are Pilots,” after being signed to Universal Records in June of 2006. The band also received a Grammy Nomination in 2007 for We Are Pilots in 2007. In 2010, Shiny Toy Guns will hopefully releasing a new album as we were informed of this news in our latest interview with Jeremy Dawson, keyboardist and bassist of the band. Also, if you have been watching any TV lately, you just might hear their cover version of Peter Schillings “Major Tom” (Coming Home) for the new Lincoln MKS . Shiny Toy Guns sits among the pioneers of the dance/rock sound and has been one of the few acts to ever take something underground and successfully blend into modern rock radio and major commercial media. Shiny Toy Guns music has appeared in episodes of Gossip Girl and 90210 and in the film Sorority Row. Near the end of January, "Rocketship 2010" was released as a Myspace download featured on Coca Cola's Formula for Happiness free weekly download. If you haven’t heard the latest remix album, Girls Le Disko on Ultra Records, you should go get it because you won’t stop dancing to it and it truly is amazing. Shiny Toy Guns has collected remixes from some of today’s most exciting DJs, producers, and bands, many of which have never been available or even heard by fans. Thank you, Jeremy for taking time to talk to us at Grave Concerns E-Zine today.  Jeremy Dawson


GC: I was watching TV the other day and I saw a Lincoln car commercial and I said to myself,” Hey, I know that song!” It was funny, because just a few days prior I was listening to the remix album with the cover of Major Tom, Can you tell us how your cover version was selected to be in the car commercial?

STG/ Jeremy: They asked us to cover the song. we had no intention of doing a cover any time soon. Fortunately they picked a really good song, so it made it quite fun and exciting to work on.

GC: Was having your song in the Lincoln Car commercial one of the bands most memorable moments?

STG/Jeremy: Umm, no :) It was a car commercial. We have done many, many commercials in the past several years.

GC: I remember when I first heard of Shiny Toy guns, it was right when bands like The Killers and The Bravery were all over the place and somehow, Shiny Toy Guns sort of got into the grouping of a new electro-rock band with the album, “We are Pilots”. Do you feel “We Are Pilots lived up to the hype?


STG: Absolutely. In our opinion "Pilots" was a groundbreaking record in terms of sound. We colored songs a different shade of blue, we really felt like we made something special.

GC: With the new remix album Girls Le Disko”, do you feel this will send a new message to listeners?

STG: If the record sends out sort of a message it will mainly be a reflection of Chad and I getting back to our electronic roots and re-aligning ourselves with technology a bit more recently. We love dance music and watching people dance and who have no idea what they are doing and loving it all at once.

GC: Is there a particular remix on the new remix album that you have listened to and are like, Wow, that is awesome?

STG/Jeremy: At first I was really keen on the Adam Freeland mix of "YATO" ... but I DJ a lot and I played the record so much I moved on to some other pieces on the album.

GC: Do you have a favorite remix over others on the new CD?


STG/Jeremy: Currently, I the best thing on the album to us is the Evol-Intent version of "Ghost Town".

GC: Are you working on new material for 2010?

STG/Jeremy: Like a banshee.

GC: If so, how far along are you?

STG/Jeremy: I think we are about 4-5 months, so just barely showing with tight clothes right now.

Shiny Toy Guns

GC: What can we expect the direction to be?

STG/Jeremy: Fun and bright and epic. We are really going to push it this time with cinematic stuff. There is a lot of work on the horizon.


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Coca-Cola has been cool enough to give away our latest single “Rocketship 2010” from our new album! The free download is available through Tuesday (2-2-10) on Coke’s MySpace page,


Shiny Toy Guns Rocketship


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