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Announced for the 30th of september the next Decadence release:
Xenomorph Angel, the third album of the Greek band Blue Birds Refuse To Fly

With a fresh charming appearance in the face of their new frontwoman - lead vocalist Eva K., the new Blue Birds Refuse To Fly are no longer Kyriakos P.'s (keyboards, programming) personal project as it used to be. Along with the band's producer George P. (keyboards, guitars), the band is now more flexible, experienced and powerful than ever before.

The new album "Xenomorph Angel" (translated as "Alien Angel") is full of spacewaves, glances at the moon, hitch-hyking to the stars, rides towards the ends of the universe... and back. Although seduced by the alien-xenomorph angel's touch, the album has an earthly individuality after all.

The characteristic elements that defined BBRTF's sound all these years are present here as well: lyricism, melody, mystery and sensuality...

official web:

Storybox: No Dancing Allowed is now released:


The day is finally here. Classic synthpop melodies and sounds with a
modern twist. If you like Depeche Mode, Erasure, OMD, Pet Shop Boys
and Human League, you will love Storybox's No Dancing Allowed.

Track listing:

No Dancing Allowed
Never Wonder (Words Unspoken)
Ashes In The Air
Things We Said Today
[Hidden Track]
Dream Ghosts
You Move Me
Gone With The Wind

Get your copy at any of the following retailers:

Alfa Matrix welcomes another legend to its roster: TRISOMIE 21

BRUSSELS - After collaborations with acts like FRONT 242, LEAETHER STRIP, ANNE CLARK or yet MENTALLO & THE FIXER, Belgian label Alfa Matrix ( )is proud to announce the signing of another cult electronic band: TRISOMIE 21.

Formed in 1980 by the Lomprez brothers, the French act TRISOMIE 21 belongs to the legendary pioneers of the cold electronic music movement together with luminaries such as FRONT 242, NEON JUDGEMENT , THE YOUNG GODS, etc. Since their first releases, their music often brought comparisons to the cold wave movements lead by bands like THE CURE, JOY DIVISION, DURUTTI COLUMN, etc.

From their prolific discography (including unmatchable albums like  "Le Repos Des Enfants Heureux", "Passions Divisées", the classic "Chapter IV", "Million Lights", "Works", etc.), we will all definitely remember timeless hits like "The Last Song" or yet "La Fête Triste".

Through their impressive discography, the French duo managed to design their very own music style often described as cold wave electronic haunted by a dark soul and also characterised by the singer's unique vocal tone coupled with their unmatchable sense for touching deep melodies.

After seven years of impenetrable silence aside for some scarce compilation appearances, TRISOMIE 21 surprised everyone by giving a new sign of life through a remix for the French mega pop stars of INDOCHINE in 2003, and by releasing their brand new studio album "Happy Mystery Child" the year after. These bold new moves marked in stone the strong and impressive return of the French cold-wave cult band TRISOMIE 21 on the forefront of the scene. While revealing a more mature song-writing approach, more polished and refined melodies and strengthened choruses, the soul of the band had remained intact to the ultimate pleasure of their faithful fanbase of the early days.

Thanks to the band's open-minded attitude and the fresh and modern tonality of this new album, "Happy Mystery Child" was also released in various remix forms.  Another brilliant move that allowed T21 to conquer new fans and to find their way through the newest e-clash and electro/techno movements via remixes by artists like David Caretta, The Hacker, Paul Kendall, Millimetric, The Horrorist, Lady B, etc.

After lots of touring across the world through Brazil, Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, etc., TRISOMIE 21 are currently completing their new studio album for their new label, Alfa Matrix, who will before that, release a special 25th anniversary release that will not only include the "rendez-vous en France" CD, a best-of live album from their last tour, but also a special vintage unreleased song collection and special T21 fan-goodies ,the whole available on various limited editions formats.

This is not their last song...

Band's myspace:

Back again, darker than ever!

After a short and needed immersion in the purest holiday times, we are back again to work, to bring you the darkest and finest obscure music from the world!

A wonderful work of great technique and originality, presenting the musical creations of this young and already great musician from Greece!

The original orchestral soundtrack of the independent movie “Insomnio”: a disquieting music created by a talented artist.


An instrumental concept album about the devil and demons coming up from hell,  inspired by nothing less than the book of Revelations



All our releases are available for listening and download at

The Birthday Massacre's new album "Walking With Strangers" hits stores next week, but right now its being featured in its entirety on the bands Myspace Page!


The Birthday Massacre is a featured band on the Canadian and Australian Myspace pages!

How awesome is that?

Speaking of the new album, its available from the Metropolis Mail Order Page now!
The Birthday Massacre - Walking With Strangers Tour

                            Sep 05      Toronto, ONT            The Mod Club
                            Sep 06      London, ONT             Call The Office
                            Sep 08      Cleveland, OH           Phantasy Ballroom
                            Sep 09      Chicago, IL             House Of Blues
                            Sep 10      Milwaukee, WI           Miramar Theatre
                            Sep 13      Kansas City, MO         Grand Emporium
                            Sep 14      Omaha, NE               Club Roxbury
                            Sep 15      Denver, CO              Marquis Theatre
                            Sep 16      Salt Lake City, UT      Avalon
                            Sep 18      Seattle, WA             El Corazon
                            Sep 19      Portland, OR            Outlaws
                            Sep 21      San Jose, CA            Blank Club
                            Sep 22      Los Angeles, CA         Knitting Factory
                            Sep 23      Anaheim, CA             House Of Blues
                            Sep 25      San Diego, CA           House of Blues
                            Sep 26      San Francisco, CA       DNA Lounge
                            Sep 27      Eugene, OR              WOW Hall
                            Oct 25      Manchester, UK          Satan's Hollow
                            Oct 26      Bristol, UK             Bierkeller
                            Oct 27      Whitby, UK              Whitby Festival 2007
                            Oct 28      London, UK              Islington Academy
                            Oct 30      Paris, France           La Locomotive
                            Oct 31      Lyon, France            Villeurbanne CCO
                            Nov 01      Barcelona, Spain        Mephisto
                            Nov 02      Saarbrucken, Germany    Roxy
                            Nov 03      Vlissingen, Netherlands Het Arsenaal
                            Nov 04      Bremen, Germany         Tower
                            Nov 05      Hamburg, Germany        Knust
                            Nov 07      Arhus, Denmark          Musikcafeen
                            Nov 08      Berlin, Germany         K17
                            Nov 09      Krefeld, Germany        Kulturfabrik
                            Nov 10      Dresden, Germany        Starclub
                            Nov 11      Zurich, Switzerland     Abart
                            Nov 13      Frankfurt, Germany      Nachtleben
                            Nov 14      Herford, Germany        X-Club
                            Nov 15      Hannover, Germany       Musikzentrum

Limited to 500 copies in the US, the last official Fektion Fekler album.
Titled- a best of titled, "Angels of Analog" .
It will start pre-sales on August 31st.
The first 100 copies will be hand signed and numbered.
The album consist of 14 tracks spanning thier entire career.
This album will not be  printed and is limited to 1000 copies worldwide.
"Angels of Analog"
Track List:
1. Limpic
2. Diabolic Changes
3. Addicts Lullabye
4. Generations
5. Take it All
6. Sunsky
7. The Dowswer that couldn't dowse
8. Immortal Faith
9. Anarchy of Separation
10. Topp Ramen 6 for a $1.00
11. God I'm Sick 
12. Just Another Try
13. My Weakest Point
14. Setting Sun
15. It's Over
In addition, Fektion Fekler will be taking orders for "fan versions" of the album.
"We got a lot of emails from fans wanting us to release specific songs on our "Best of".
Since our discography easly spans over 100 songs.
it was difficult deciding what songs to release. 
We decided to do a one time fan version of the album for the die hard fans.
The idea is simple: you order the fan version at the Synthcere Records website (link below)
Fill out the order form (select songs, track order, number of copies,etc) 
we burn you a copy straight from the master tapes...easy enough.
For more details, visit Synthcere Records.....
This will be a one of a kind version of the album and no two will be the same.
You will truely get a very limited album here.
As all past Fektion Fekler releases, these copies will be of the highest quality.
As always, Synthcere Records offers 100% satisfaction on all our releases.
With hundreds of orders processed, we have never had a return, nor complaint on any order.
That's been our vision from day one.
The goal here is to get the fans the album they really want....This is our best attempt to do just that....
Fektion Fekler's  best of- "Angels of Analog" -pre-orders start August 31st......
Fan version of the "Angels of Analog" start September 7th......
Pre-order your copy......

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