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LEAETHER STRIP - "Retention nr1" 2CD carton box

LEAETHER STRIP - Retention n�1 2CD
On November 13th 2007, Danish electronic industrial artist Claus Larsen turns 40. We could not find a better date to launch the first volume of LEAETHER STRIP "Retention" box series through which Claus Larsen will re-release his complete back-catalogue. Each re-release will have both the fully remastered version of the original album on disc 1 and on the second disc, a totally rewritten and reinterpretation of some selected songs from the original album by LEAETHER STRIP himself rerecorded with current technologies.

The "Retention nr1" box includes 2 complementary albums: first of which is the "The Pleasure Of Penetration" CD (initially released back in 1990) remastered by Claus Larsen himself, giving a stronger and wider sound to this chef d'oeuvre while staying very faithful to the original work. The original track-list has also been extended to 15 tracks with the addition of early 12" tracks and other rarities of the period. Secondly, comes the "Pleasure Of Reproduction 2007" CD which gathers some 10 selected tracks taken from disc one, totally re-written and re-recorded by LEAETHER STRIP in the 2007 upgraded Strip Farm studio, benefiting from today's technologies and Claus Larsen's acquired expertise through the years.

Both discs are NOT available separately and are only sold in this deluxe carton box which also includes some additional fan goodies... Below you can find several packets holding extra material at special prices.

LEAETHER STRIP - "Retention nr1" 2CD carton box

It is said that during the last night of October, the living and the dead world get nearer, touching each other in the womb of the most magical night of the year.
It is true.

(Gothic / Metal / Electro / Ambient)
United in a double CD compilation, you can find here the most disquieting songs from our artists, all together. 28 tracks for more than 2 hours of obscure,  original and free music!

Ekleipsi wants to diffuse obscure sound.
This is why we are always seeking new ways to provide you with our music. From now on, you’ll be able to get our releases in physical format too: visit our music store to find out how!

All our releases are available for listening and download at
Silber Sounds of Halloween So it has been a little while since something in our free comp series has gotten out of our control. We were like, “Hey, let’s do a Halloween comp & do an open call for entries!” So we ended up with thirty tracks & over two hours of music. Also just a little too short in time to manufacture compact discs. So that’s why this time there are no physical copies at all. Just available on this thing called the internet. 

This time out we have some of our best & longest time friends aboard like Lycia & Attrition & Remora & Electric Bird Noise as well as a ton of new friends & some bands actually making debut appearances. So we hope you dig the stuff & find new bands to like. 

Thanks for your interest & Happy Halloween.

Dark greetings my batty and bloodthirsty Gravers!

Below is the link for a Halloween version of Hangman, likely to raise the dead with its spooky fun. And don’t get all choked-up if you don’t solve the puzzles---you’ve got the rest of eternity to figure them out! (;

Happy Halloween!

Own The DVD Today!
Available Worldwide Today:
Finally! We are happy to announce that Almost Beautiful has arrived on DVD. Due to last minute issues regarding the production of the DVD, there may be a delay with certain traditional retailers to get Almost Beautiful on the shelves, but most online retailers (including Amazon) now carry the DVD.
Thanks to everyone for your patience. Go pick up your copy and send us your feedback. Reviews have been outstanding, but you are the critics that matter the most to us. 
This feature-length music documentary on the popular Goth/Rock band "The Last Dance," has been a 2-year journey, starting in 2005 during the recording of the band's latest album, Once Beautiful

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PARADE GROUND was formed in 1982 (A time when lots of bands were popping
up,and disturbing rock music with a fresh and daring electro sound) by the
brothers Pierre and Jean-Marc PAULY starting with more cold wave inspired
songs and evolving towards an intelligent electro pop sound "avant la

Their first release came in 1983 under the wings of Daniel B. and Patrick
CODENYS from FRONT 242, aware of PARADE GROUND's talent and potential;
they did collaborate to almost all PARADE GROUND's records and even released
some material on MASK Records (FRONT 242's own label in the early days). Colin
NEWMAN (WIRE) was also in charge of a few opus.

Their biggest recognition - so far - came when the A-side from their
'Strange World' 12" was included on the cult compilation album 'This is
Electronic Body Music' in 1987. The next year the band recorded their
first  album, 'Cut Up'.

The two brothers were also involved in the making of FRONT 242's albums
'06:21:03:11 Up Evil' and '05:22:09:12 Off'.

In 2004, PARADE GROUND was ready for a new career and played some of their
new songs live on stage for the very first time at the 3rd Belgian
Independent Music Festival surprising friends and enemies.

Today, PARADE GROUND is presenting 'Rosary', their newest creation
produced by no one else than Patrick CODENYS (FRONT 242).
Out now on Sleep Walking Records - A new independent record label.
Worldwide distribution coming soon.
Please feel free to contact me for any additional information
Kind regards,

Stephane Werquin
Sleep Walking Records
Tel : +32 476 656.002

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