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Crunch Pod would like to welcome Bitch Brigade to the roster.

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Bitch Brigade was founded in 2006 by Agr1ppa Cry0fl3sh. Like most projects starting off, Bitch Brigade was more of an experiment for Agr1ppa, but it has flourished into a definite up and comer in the scene. Blending a mix of Power Noise, Industrial, and Electro pop she has developed a sound that is melodically haunting yet aggressive enough for fans of the harsh side of the musical spectrum. Bitch Brigade is also breaking new ground at Crunch Pod. It is the first all female project on the label for us. Their debut album will be released this summer on Crunch Pod.


Bitch Brigade Myspace http://www.myspace.com/bbrigade

Bitch Brigade Vampire Freaks Page http://www.vampirefreaks.com/u/Bitch_Brigade

Crunch Pod Website http://www.crunchpod.com

C/A/T News
C/A/T's upcoming album The Great Crisis, will be mainly an instrumental release that will set the back story to 51X and is the begining to this new phase of C/A/T. The Great Crisis will also be a "digital only" release and made availible on sites such as iTunes, Amazon, eMusic etc. There will be a limited edition CDR of the album made for those who prefer the cd format. The CDR will be limted to 200 copies.
Side Note: For those on the promolist. You will get a special CDR copy of the album for you to review or play at your club or show.
Live date
April 17th Orangevale,CA @ The Boardwalk
March 16th Madison,WI @ The Klinic Bar
Cervello Elettronico
April 18th Moscow, Russia @ Tanzfront
May 3rd Copenhagen @ Club Braincorp
May 8th Leipzig @ TBA
June 20th Quebec City @ 1919 Conjuration
August 15th Berlin @ Schlagstrom
August 22nd Madison,WI @ Reverence


elektrisch! 3 will be released @ 14.03.2008 - and now your user have the
chance to get their copy very cheap (16,99 Euro instead of 21,99 Euro) - and
if you are one of the first 200 guys who pre-order elektisch! 3 through the
label website you´ll get a free cd from Major Records FOR FREE, also.

Sample Image


cd 1    
01 Rotersand "Lost (Re:Streched)"
02 Moby "Slipping Away (MHC Extended Remix)"
03 Apoptygma Berzerk "Mourn (Mesh Remix)"
04 Kim Wilde "Loved
(Full Length Club Version Pulsedriver vs. Beam Remix)"
05 Oomph! Feat. Marta Jandova "Träumst Du (SITD Remix)"
06 Covenant "Happy Man (Happiness Remix by Seb)"
07 Assemblage 23 "Sorry (Retro Electro Mix)"
08 Yazoo "Don't Go (Todd Terry Freeze Mix)"
09 Boytronic "Living Without You (Foreland Version
by Ronan Harris of VNV Nation)"
10 [:SITD:] "Kreuzgang (Dolorosa Version
by Angels And Agony)"
11 Ladytron "Sugar (Jagz Kooner Mix)"
12 IAMX "Nightlife (People Theatre's Trip To Berlin Mix)"
13 Diorama "Exit The Grey (elektrisch!)"

limited edition:
cd 2    
01 Mind.In.A.Box "What Used To Be
(Peter Rainmans Turning Point Mix)"
02 Diary Of Dreams "The Plague (Ver.N4-4)"
03 Edge Of Dawn "Pray For Love (Remix)"
04 Obscenity Trial "My Mind Your Mind
(Darkstar Music Club Mix)"
05 Don Juan Dracula "Take Me Home (Emmon Remix)"
06 Universal Poplab "Soma Generation
(Menichal Servants Remix)"
07 Janosch Moldau "Sweetest Heart
(People Theatre Presence Mix)"
08 Thermostatic "The Box (Tigerbaby Extended Mix)"
09 Syrian feat. Marian Gold "Supernova (Extended Version)"
10 The Promise "Hold On (Club Mix)"
11 Jaw "Creature Of Masquerade (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix)"
12 Mechanical Cabaret "See Her Smile (Radiophonic Mix)"
13 Emmon "Frenzy Eyes (Emmon Remix)"
14 Ultima Bleep "Back (Club Remix)"


Tracks from elektrisch! 3 can be heard @ www.myspace.com/elektrisch
and: http://www.lastfm.de/music/Elektrisch!

UCNX - Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero is the debut release by US band UCNX and it's hotter than
a man who has just set his trousers on fire. Taking their cue from the
sounds of prime Wax Trax and Re-Constriction records and bands such as
the rock influence Chemlab, the intricate electro Front Line Assembly,
and even the intelligent sounds of Haujobb, UCNX push these influences
into the 21st century kicking and screaming all the way with clear,
emotional vocals & a nod to the past

The mini album features 9 tracks 5 of them originals by UCNX, 3 remixes
including a stunning remakes by the excellent Cyanotic and Deadliner.
The release is topped of with a brooding cover of the Alice in Chains
classic Sea of Sorrow.

The album can be pre-ordered from the MoMT Webstore: 
Full length streams of the album are available on Last FM:

Manufactura News

Manufactura's new ep In The Company of Wolves is currently number 14 on the DUC album chart! Congratulations to Karloz! In The Company of Wolves is very close to selling out. Thank you to all of those who have picked up a copy. Manfuactura is currently working new material for their next album. Details to come soon.
Upcoming shows...
Feb 9th Bellflower, CA @ Club Tension
C/A/T News

 It has been floating around that C/A/T is broken up and no longer making music. We would like to kill those rumors now. They are still an active project on Crunch Pod and are currently working on new material for an upcoming album. They were taking a much needed break that is all. There will be more info on their next album as well as upcoming live shows in the near future.
Upcoming Shows...
Feb 9th Las Vegas,NV @ Vector
Cevello Elettronico News
Cervello Elettronico has made available all of it's Pre-Crunch Pod material for free download through the popular music website Soundclick.com. Included in the free set of downloads is a never before released album titled, Electrophobia, which was compiled of songs written  and reworked from 2005-2007. The album features guest vocal appearances by Eric Eldrege from Interface and Steve C from The Case of Gretta Conners.  Look for a limited edition CDR pressing complete with DVD case and artwork to be offered in February after we've announced the winner to our remix contest. Cervello Elettronico is currently working on a follow up album to their succesful debut album, Negate The Instigator that will be released this summer.
Upcoming shows...
Feb 17th New York,NY @ Club Eugenes (And One and Life Cried also on the bill)
March 9th Tucson,AZ @ Asylum (Opening for Terrorfakt)


The "BACH PROJECT" CD is now available at Bain Total (Limited 1900 copies edition, signed and numbered).



After Laibach in 2006, Die Form was invited in 2007 to the Bach Fest in Leipzig to present a selection of J.-S. Bach's works (pieces) totally re-arranged in an audio-visual show.

Slipping gradually from murmur to noise, from the caress to chaos, once again in the search of a certain mystical form in the expression of desire and death, rummaging in the entrails and wandering in the labyrinth of the memory...

Die Form had already revisited and interpreted "Serenade" (used as a jingle for a TV broadcasting on CANAL+) and "Der Tod und das Mädchen" (on "Duality" album) of F. Schubert

13 tracks for computer, samplers, synthesizers, etherwave Theremin, vocoders, voice (Éliane P.), videos, dance & performances (with Sabine Seume).
Timing 70'24.


Après Laibach en 2006, Die Form a été invité à Leipzig dans le cadre du Festival Bach 2007 pour présenter une sélection d'oeuvres entièrement ré-arrangées de J.-S. Bach dans un spectacle à la fois sonore et visuel.

Glissant progressivement du murmure au bruit, de la caresse au chaos, une fois encore à la recherche d'une certaine forme mystique dans l'expression du désir et de la mort, fouillant dans les entrailles et errant dans le labyrinthe de la mémoire...

Die Form avait déjà, dans le passé, revisité et interprété "Sérénade" (utilisé comme générique d'une émission de télévision sur CANAL+) et "La Jeune Fille et la Mort" (sur l'album "Duality") de F. Schubert.

13 pièces pour ordinateur, samplers, synthesizers, etherwave Theremin, vocoders, voix (Éliane P.), videos, danse & performances (avec Sabine Seume).
Durée 70'24

Tracklist :

I. BWV 42-7 (2:12)
Am Abend aber desselbiggen Sabbats (Church Cantata)
II. BWV 243-3-4 (4:25)
Magnificat : Quia Respexit & Omnes Generationes
III. BWV 1031 (5:11)
Sonata Nr 2 in Es-Dur
IV. BWV 1002 (4:17)
Partita Nr 1 in B Moll
V. BWV 147-5 (4:26)
Bereite Dir Jesu noch itzo die Bahn (Herz und Mund)
VI. BWV 1030 (4:27)
Sonata Nr 1 in H Moll
VII. BWV 1004 (3:45)
Partita Nr 2 in D Moll
VIII. BWV 565 (10:04)
Toccata Nr 2 in D Moll
IX. BWV 54-1 (5:55)
Aria : Widerstehe doch der Sünde
X. BWV 29 (4:16)
Wir danken Dir, Gott, wir danken Dir
XI. BWV 209 2+3 (7:27)
Recitativ : Non sa che sia dolore & Aria : Parti pur
XII. BWV 4 (7:09)
Christ lag in Todesbanden
XIII. BWV 244-39 (6:31)
Matthäus Passion - Aria : Erbarme Dich, mein Gott !

ATTENTION : The album will appear as a luxurious first edition !

· CD in A5 format in a precious slipcase, punched and with special lamination
· Special accordion fold booklet and precious art print on selected high-quality
· Including astonishing live photos from the Bach performance in Leipzig
· Strictly limited to 1,999 copies world-wide incl. 99 copies with a signed carbon ink print.

Also available as Standard CD edition on METROPOLIS RECORDS (USA-CANADA)


After our successful performance in Athens at Gagarin 205 (thanks to the production and to the enthusiastic audience), we are working again on new tracks for the next DF "main" album and waiting for propositions to present the BACH PROJECT live at special venues...

Photos from the performance will be added very soon on our site & pages...





Plastique Noir is working to publicize the follower of their well-succeeded E.P. Urban Requiems is the newborn opus, presenting 4 re-recordings from Offering and 4 new songs. Beside this, this year of 2007 keeps more positive things for the band, like tours for Brasilia and Salvador and the invite to play at Wave Gotik Treffen 2007 edition, that will happen between 25th to 28th May, at Leipzig/Germany.

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