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THE PUSSYBATS: Debut single and German tour in May



German-based Goth’n’Rollers THE PUSSYBATS announce the release of their first-ever

single „No Romeo“ via Black Rain Records. It’s gonna be a digital-only release and

available on all relevant download-stores like iTunes, Napster, Musicload from May

23rd. The title track is produced by Hahn&Hahn, who did already best-selling records

with Nena, Kim Wilde, the Farmer Boys and many others. The relase will contain

following three tracks:

1. No Romeo

2. Yesterday Is Here (unplugged)

3. Surprise Bonus Track

Also in May, THE PUSSYBATS will embark on their „Dead by Dawn Tour 2008“ in

order to to bring some more “sex, blood and goth’n’roll”-madness over Germany.

Confirmed dates so far:

05/03/2008 Hexentanz Festival (w/ Svbway to Sally and more)

05/16/2008 Raetsche, Geislingen (w/ Jesus on Extasy)

05/24/2008 Stuttgart, tba

05/27/2008 Frankfurt, 11er Club

05/28/2008 Bochum, Zwischenfall

05/29/2008 Hamburg, Logo (w/ Tunes of Dawn)

05/30/2008 Leipzig, tba

05/31/2008 Berlin, Wild at Heart (w/ Tunes of Dawn)

More news and more dates will be published on the bands’ official website as soon as



Snuff movies, drugs, jail-time and Baader Meinhof? How fucking long have you been drinking?! You no longer want to waste your time? There's nothing better you can do: the ESSENCE OF MIND gang will help you remembering who you were before... Are you ready to be a part of a game? Join them in their urban techno body guerrilla and throw some shit on the walls. With their powerful and aggressive “Insurrection”, the Norwegian duo ESSENCE OF MIND does not bother about wars or politics, instead they would rather spit their rage against human's stupidity and brainlessness. 

Between fiction and reality, their engaged music hits you straight in the face and condemns acts and behaviours that we sadly enough encounter all the time in our daily lives. It is definitely not everyday that Norway bears a new electronic fruit. However, history has shown us that with bands like APOPTYGMA BERZERK, ICON OF COIL or yet COMBICHRIST, the Norwegian seal is a guarantee for skill and quality. Created in the spring of 2006, Oslo's up-and-coming electro duo ESSENCE OF MIND will certainly maintain the excellence we have come to expect from Norwegian electronics! Their hard-hitting sonic assaults combine modern techno body music, pumping EBM bass-lines, catchy synth melodies and strong powerful vocals. Their straight in your face attitude and high-energy music will rapidly boost their ascension to the top. 



The album is also available as a deluxe 2CD carton box with a bonus disc including several exclusive bonus tracks and remixes by AUTODAFEH, IMPLANT, DIFFUZION, DISKONNEKTED, CRISK, DIRECTION NORTH, RED 7 etc.

1.Here to Play, 2.Piss Artist, 3.Original Poser, 4.My Time, 5.Crime of Life, 6.Friction, 7.Fake, 8.Wasted, 9.The Game, 10.Queued up, 11.Deadheroes, 12. Flayed Principle, 13. Push It Back.

CD2 - only available in the limited double-CD carton box edition
01.Different, 02.Piss Artist (BARIUZ mix), 03.Queued Up (CRISK. mix), 04.Crime of Life (ELEC THIS! Mix), 05.Deadheroes (DIFFUZION mix), 06.Wasted (IMPLANT mix), 07. My Time (RED 7 electronic assault mix), 08. Crime of Life (AUTODAFEH mix), 09. Fake (DISKONNEKTED mix), 10.Original Poser (MIND:STATE mix), 11.Different (tenseclubmix by DIRECTION NORTH)

KMFDM is proud to announce Extra. Extra is a three volume set of double disc collections of all KMFDM tracks not included on the ten KMFDM Classic albums. Extra features remastered tracks culled from the band's 12" vinyl singles, CD singles and alternate versions of albums. All of the material on Extra has been out of print for many years with some songs appearing on CD for the first time ever.

Continuing the tradition started with the KMFDM Classic releases the accompanying booklets for the Extra series are packed with exciting material. Highlights include cover art from every album and single from which cuts were taken (most covers are by famed KMFDM cohort Brute!) and never before seen photos of the band. As it has been with all the KMFDM re-releases, work on this series, from the remastering to the packaging, has been done with the highest level of participation from Sascha K., KMFDM's leader and founder.

Extra Volume 1 is comprised of songs from the Z-Records release of the What Do You Know Deutschland? album in 1986 to the Money single in 1992. This two disc set houses 27 tracks, over 2 hours and 18 minutes of music. Extra Vol. 1 features the original 12" mixes of tons of KMFDM hits: "Godlike", "Money", "Naïve", "More & Faster", "Vogue", "Sex on the Flag", "Virus", "Don't Blow Your Top", "Split" and more!

Extra Vol. 1 will be available on KMFDM Records/Metropolis Records. More info can be found at KMFDM Records News.

KMFDM Records News on KMFDM DOTKOM is here:
Digital only EP Leather Strip available now from Amazon and iTunes
Available now via the digital downloadstores of Amazon.com and iTunes Plus is "When Blood Runs Dark", an exclusive digital only EP from Leaether Strip. "When Blood Runs Dark" holds no less than 10 non-album tracks and is released as a teaser for the new forthcoming 2CD album "Civil Disobedience" which will be officially released on April 11th.

Amazon.com : http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0015ELFNG/stingus-20
iTunes Plus : http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=275655727&s=143446

The best buy will be at iTunes Plus where you can purchase the EP for only EUR 5,94 or US$ 5,99 .

The tracklist for the EP:
01. When blood runs dark (club version)
02. You don't look the same (1982 extended version)
03. Going nowhere (club version)
04. The damaged people (club version)
05. The scalpel song (sliced vocal cords version)
06. The devils daugther (spawn of satan mix)
07. Will the sun return (Sun glory mix)
08. Could ya did ya (Country club mix)
09. Go ahead (Sui cædere mix)
10. Corvus monedula

Below is also a link to the promo video made for the "Civil Disobedience" album.

February 16th 2008

Numbers Night Club



Writer’s Journal:  An Evening with Red Flag | a Conversation with Chris Reynolds


 Sample Image


Photo by M. Willis/ Grave Concerns E-zine



It was a wet and rainy evening in Houston. A day perfectly fit for the song “Pouring rain”. The weather was enough to drive any casual Red Flag fan back to their homes for hot chocolate while playing the “Naive Art” album on repeat as they stay inside. But not us! We wouldn’t dare allow Mother Nature to keep us from the dingy confines of Numbers Night Club. I blasted “Born Again” on my way to the venue to set the mood.  Besides being a fan, the curiosity alone was enough to have me tread through the wet Houston streets to get there. I was determined to see a show which for me had a lot of unanswered questions…

How will Chris‘s voice sound live? Who will assist with live parts? What will the set-list entail?  These among many more questions filled my head as I drove to the venue.  

Getting there was part of the adventure. I was in awe to see fans standing outside of Numbers in the rain under a leaky tarp; waiting for the doors to open. Once inside, Guest DJ Breye7x was spinning some great tracks which made the atmosphere all the more electric.

Phase Theory hit the stage their first public performance and proved to be a great opening act as they wowed the crowd with dark entrancing songs.  Vocalist Kirk Graham seemingly had the crowd under his spell with his intense stare as he sang in a monotone voice. Bassist Jeremiah Saint was entertaining to watch pounding on his bass while clad in make up and a gas mask. Paul Fredrick; known around here for being the vocalist of the band Asmodeus X; pounded on the drum pads as Jonathan Kramm manned the programming and keyboards.  After about a 45 minute set; Phase Theory ended it with their splendid rendition of Depeche Mode’s “Policy of Truth”.

Red Flag went on around 11p.m. with Kirk on synths and Paul on the pads.  Chris entered the stage through a thick cloud of fog and was met by a roar of applause.  He performed every thing from "Doom and Gloom" to “I See You” and the older stuff such as "If I Ever". Chris performed until his voice gave out on him; asking the crowd finish the last song of his set “Russian Radio”.  When the set was finished everyone knew that Chris would not be returning to the stage for an encore. Yet, he was still given applause worthy of one. It seemed the crowd appreciated that Chris put everything he had into the set. He did not try to hide the fact that he had a sore throat.  He did not seem concerned with sounding perfect as he was with making sure that the fans who braved the elements got their money’s worth.

 Sample Image


Photo by M. Willis/ Grave Concerns E-zine


After the show, I was able to sit down with Chris and congratulate him on the success of the album “Born Again” and see how things have transpired since last year’s interview.  I asked him if he had been concerned with the way he sounded on stage.  “No, I am more concerned with being genuine in my performance and giving my best efforts, rather than trying to be perfect out there.”, explained Chris. By watching his performance, I could tell.  This past year or so has been a real triumph for him. Not only has Chris resurrected Red Flag, he did so by creating instantly one of the best Red Flag albums to date. I would not count on “Born Again” being the swan song either. Chris has also announced that he has a new album in the works titled " Let it Begin". You can get more details by streaming his MP3 press announcement here at Grave concerns.  Stay Tuned!

-Matthew Willis | Grave Concerns E-zine



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Limited to 500 copies in the US, the last official Fektion Fekler album, "Angels of Analog"  a retrospective consist of 16 tracks spanning their entire career. This album will not be  printed and is limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

$7.98 on sale!

Fektion Fekler best of "Angels of Analog"
Track List:
01. Limpic
02. Diabolic Changes
03. Shakedown
04. Generations
05. Take it All
06. Sunsky
07. The Dowswer That Couldn't Dowse
08. Immortal Faith
09. Anarchy of Separation
10. Topp Ramen 6 for a $1.00
11. God I'm Sick
12. Addicts Lullabye
13. Wiser for the Winter
14. It's Over
15. Sinsa
16. Good Day


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