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Audiocentesis - Zughenruhe ArtistAudiocentesis


Label: Self-released

Genre: Industrial/Harsh Electro/Aggrotech

Release Date: 30th June, 2014

Audiocentesis Zughenruhe 2014 album cover art

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nTTx - New Dress (Depeche Mode cover) released! Atomzero's Gord Clement releases his first song under his side project name nTTx. This track will be featured on an upcoming EP comprised of originals, remixes, and covers. This song is a cover of Depeche Mode's 'New Dress' with modernized lyrics.
Have a listen:

[youtube size="480 320" title="nTTx - New Dress (Depeche Mode cover)" v="hOqLOqpGYM8"][/youtube]

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Interview: Machines on Blast machinesonblast1


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Interview- Freakangel freakangel1

Like a steamroller of emotion, inter-wined with a touch of harsh-ebm and a driving force of an industrial/metal monster, meet Freakangel.

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Interview: Corroded Master corrodedmain

Corroded Master is from Sacramento and their sound can be anything from EBM to Witchouse to Grindcore and even New Wave. Be sure to check out Corroded Master.

We recently caught up with Vince Gauthier and check out what he had to say.

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Interview: Machinista  machinistatop


The autumn of 2013 the band signed with the english label Juggernaut Media Group.
The EP "Arizona Lights" was released 7:th march and did receive great reviews.

The full album Xenoglossy was released around May 20th, 2014. We caught up with the band recently and check out what they had to say!

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Interview: Kult of Red Pyramid- Music That is Not "Safe" korp2



After announcing a new album OMINOUS. It will be an official successor to the current release "Broken Mirror". Expect nothing short of the best, and even better, dramatically enhanced sound production and mixing quality, stronger - meaner tracks and overall content. After all , the album title deserves this. So if you think you've heard it all, be prepared for what is to come from Kult of Red Pyramid. Check out our interview with the band.


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Not Your Average Electro Cabaret Act, AlterRed inks deal with WTII Records AlterRed650


LOUISVILLE, KY (MAY 21, 2014) — London’s dark cabaret act, AlterRed have signed a new deal with Louisville/Chicago based WTII Records, LLC.  AlterRed mixes electronic beats and sounds with avant-garde piano, then tops it off with strong and soaring vocals.   With an array of recognizable influences from Depeche Mode to David Bowie and then to The Dresden Dolls and IAMX, the end result is a unique melting-pot of sound and imagery.  AlterRed has made a dramatic and impressive impact on a wide variety of audiences, from the indie/electro crowds in London to the Synthpop and EBM crowds across the globe.   The flamboyant, conceptual and theatrical live shows, featuring a host of colorful, surreal characters, have also earned them a reputation as a one of the most original and energetic new live acts playing in the UK.  The result is a dynamic and original sound that identifies them as a new face on the UK alternative, electro scene.

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Black Volition - New project by Reza Udhin  

blackvol thumb

Take a trip through the Sleepy towns, Lonesome woods and Dark Cabaret of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.. then transport yourself to the back streets and gloomy swamps of a Vampire ridden Louisiana in True Blood.  Combine these Worlds and you will reach the perfect soundtrack to this Melancholy Universe BLACK VOLITION.

BLACK VOLITION is the new musical project from Reza Udhin from Inertia / Killing Joke, together with Guitarist Will Crewdson from Rachel Stamp / Adam Ant / Flesh For Lulu.

Think Dirgy Blues, Dark Cabaret, Twisted Electronics, Dusty Jazz, Spaghetti Westerns and a sorrowful song and you are on track to creating the sound of BLACK VOLITION in your imagination.


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